Company Philosophy

CTM’s mission is to provide sustained customer satisfaction as part of the service provided, and to be a reliable collaborative partner, taking into account the required economics in the field of clinical trials and other studies in medical-pharmaceutical research.

For CTM, high quality comes first. Nevertheless, we always work to meet our own requirements and to broaden our horizons through quality-enhancing and introspective measures.

Thanks to our well-established structures and fair, transparent and collegial cooperation at all levels, we achieve a very high level of employee loyalty to our company and within the team.

Our goal is to offer high quality and competent solutions for our customers and studies.

CTM is run in a flat hierarchy with permanent employees sharing common values ​​such as mutual support, fairness, trust and commitment.

We attach great importance to the long-standing established and maintained cooperation with biotechnology companies, the pharmaceutical industry, university hospitals, research groups and individuals.